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    The evolution towards digital banking and the extension of banking and payment channels open up new revenue paths and service channels for banks. Gemalto's Digital Banking solutions help banks take advantage of this digital transformation by ensuring customer trust and regulatory compliance. 

    By offering frictionless and convenient strong authentication combined with risk management, Gemalto's eBanking solutions protect online banking customers from external attacks and guarantee an ideal balance between a user-friendly, and secure online experience.

    Get PSD2 ready? 

    Get PSD2 ready?

    ? Understand all opportunities brought by a new open banking world .

    PSD2 and open banking


    Achieve bank digital transformation with layered eBanking security

    Facing the challenge of digital transformation

    Digital transformation  

    As banks reduce their brick and mortar branches and move services online, they want to be able to offer customers a consistent, smooth and easy experience, across all digital channels – and be able to comply with regulations. Consumers too want access to their payment and eBanking services anytime and anywhere as easily as possible.

    The key to enabling eBanking services depends on banks' ability to combine convenience and simplicity for customers with security and trust..

    Maintain customer loyalty with improved convenience  

    Maintain customer loyalty with improved convenience

    Consumers are becoming more demanding with regards to online banking and payment services. They expect instantaneity and increased mobility. Early signs of customer churn, as well as a growing inclination of consumers to do their banking with non-bank entities, like IT and technology companies, are starting to show. Banks need to implement a smooth and convenient user experience in order to maintain customer relationship and secure customer loyalty.

       Build customer confidence with optimized security  

    Build customer confidence with optimized security

    Cybercrime targets every level of the banking ecosystem, from card-skimming malware to large-scale breaches of banks' back-end systems. The number of attacks against banks rises daily, and their level of sophistication increases. Stolen identities used to gain illegal access to customer accounts are a leading source of online fraud. To counter this threat, banks need to reinforce their eBanking security while ensuring simplicity for their customers.

    Mitigate risk with banking regulatory compliance  

    Mitigate risk with banking regulatory compliance

    In order for banks to meet evolving security and privacy regulations they need to work with a trusted solution partner who can provide stability and technological innovation for the long term. Banks need to make sure their security implementations comply with the latest regulations, such as FFIEC, MAS, PSD2, which are all pushing for Strong Authentication and Transaction Signing.


    Layered Security from Gemalto: Ensuring secure, convenient access to eBanking services

    Gemalto's solutions allow banks to transform their digital services by allowing customers to easily and securely access online services and carry out transactions across all digital channels. Gemalto's Ezio solutions offer banks a layered approach which allows banks to implement protections at multiple points in their online services. By allowing banks to apply the appropriate level of security to the transaction being performed, banks can optimize security and reduce barriers for customers.

    Risk-based access
    Gemalto Assurance Hub offers risk-based access that utilizes risk scoring, behavioral biometrics and device identification. Silent authentication and risk assessment are conducted in the background allowing customers to securely and conveniently access digital services on any device. Only if a customer doesn't meet a defined confidence level, will they be required to provide an additional means of authentication.

    How does Gemalto allow to provide banks with both security and convenience? Watch this video to find out!


    Mobile authentication and Biometrics
    Mobile Suite secures banks' mobile financial services including mobile banking applications, mobile wallets & Payment, Online Banking, eCommerce, Card Management, P2P money transfers and Cardless ATM to name a few. It offers convenient multi-channel authentication across all use cases. Mobile Suite allows banks to protect the mobile channel by adding an extra layer of security in order to implement strong authentication and transaction signature. Gemalto Mobile Suite can also be complemented with our portfolio of compact and connected authentication device.


    Gemalto is your trusted partner

    Mobile Suite allows banks to secure all their digital services. From strong user authentication to transaction signing and risk management, the Gemalto products and solutions secure all types of eBanking and eCommerce use cases.

    Retail Banking

    The Gemalto solutions allow retail banks to find the right balance between user convenience and security across all digital channels and use cases.

    What use cases can retail banks deploy with the Gemalto solutions?

    Corporate Banking

    Gemalto helps banks to deploy strong and secure solutions for corporate use cases such as dual controls or wire transfer validations while offering more flexibility and mobility.


    With the Gemalto eCommerce solutions, banks are empowered to mitigate online fraud without having any impact on the existing payment infrastructure or on the user experience.

    What Retail Banking, Corporate Banking and eCommerce use cases can the Gemalto solutions enable?


    • Frost & Sullivan Award

      Gemalto Earns Accolades from Frost & Sullivan for Innovation-led Growth in Digital Banking and Identity Verification Solutions Markets


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